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Today, we can propose opening a day-care medical institution comprising the following departments:

Men's Health Department.

We know how hard it is for a man to admit that he is not as he used to be in bed. This is why, over the years, we have developed and thoroughly maintain the approach that allows our patient maximum comfort. During his visit to the clinic, the patient will not see anyone, but for the specially trained personnel and an understanding doctor. Applying our approach, even by the end of the first visit, the doctor is able to identify the root of the problem. Moreover, in the majority of cases, he will be able to prescribe the treatment, which will allow the patient to feel better from the very first days of it.
Sexual dysfunctions, like week erection or lack of it, and early ejaculation occur often in the modern world. At the age of 50, these symptoms plague 50% of the male population, at the age of 60 – 60%, at 70 – 70%... However this does not mean that sex is related to age.  Our approach allows us to help 98 men out of 100. The treatment is in fact, discreet and pain-free.  The unique technologies, sophisticated comprehensive methods and gigantic experience – all these are the keys to success.
Apart from successful treatment of erectile dysfunctions and early ejaculation, we have accumulated vast experience in treating prostate adenoma and prostatitis.  We offer both pharmaceutical and mechanical treatment using the Israeli-manufactured equipment.  All the methods are highly effective and yield excellent results within the shortest time.
We must not forget to mention treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, which is a must for a modern day-care urological department.


Hemorrhoid and rectal fissure are spread among over half the planet population. 80% of the people had at least one experience of hemorrhoid or fissure.
Traditional medical approach is to carry out a surgery, which is the easiest solution for a doctor, but paralyses the patient for several long weeks. Each trip to the toilet becomes a torture.
Our approach as well as our specially trained personnel help to eliminate the problem after 3-4 pain-free procedures without causing interruption to the patient's normal life. The combination of splendid comprehensive methods, high technologies and many years of experience make it possible for us to promise such outcome to over 90% of the patients, who came to us with such problem.

Esthetic medicine.

Forever young – is everyone's dream. We can help to make this dream come true using the cutting edge laser equipment manufactured in Israel. Cellulites treatment, face lifting and elimination of wrinkles without surgery – all this is today's reality.  Also, you will be able to offer your patients solution for how to get rid of unwanted hair.
The unique technologies developed by Israeli and American professionals and named In Motion ™ make it possible to affect the skin as a whole rather than limiting the treatment to certain areas.  This allows avoiding the skin overheating and, thus, does not entail pain or burns.
To patients suffering from psoriasis we can offer unique hormone-free crèmes that do not suppress the immune system and help the patient to change from the acute stage to sustainable remission. We hold exclusive rights to distribution of these medications.
Therapy department in Israel.
The country with one of the most advanced public health systems is getting nearer to our patients. We have agreements with Israel’s leading hospitals to represent them in our branches, and today, any patient of S Class Clinic can, without even leaving his native city, apply for a preliminary proposal from Israel’s most prominent professionals in any medical aspect. In Israel, these patients will get excellent service and comprehensive medical care.


Another cost of our bipedal locomotion is various veins. Sometimes, just a mere sclerosing injection in the venous net is enough to remove the cosmetic defect. However, larger veins are often affected and simple sclerotherapy is just not enough. Then, surgeons get to work and perform ablation of the affected vein.
But the trouble of surgery can be avoided! We have state-of-the-art technologies of advanced Doppler control sclerotherapy (foam and laser), allowing to “plug” the affected vein, without removing it, and therefore, making it unnecessary to stay in hospital and take sick leave. No doubt, the fact that the whole procedure is pain-free is an important benefit of this cutting edge therapeutic approach.


These days, it is a common practice that every woman shall have her private gynecologist. Realizing that, we open gynecological units in every branch of the clinic. These state-of-the-art gynecological units are furnished with advanced ultra-sound equipment, video-diagnostics and superb personnel. Our practices of cervical erosion treatment got excellent feedbacks from both international experts and our female patients.

The company acts as a representative of the professional organic cosmetic producer Alocado (please check out www.psoremiss.com)
Likewise, we hold exclusive representation rights in the former Soviet republics for the known Israeli brand – Dead Sea products.

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